Company Overview

Magnum Machining Inc. was established as a Minnesota Corporation on May 11,1994. For global positioning and competitive advantage, Maquinaria Magnum was established in the fall of 2003 as a subsidiary of Magnum Machining in Torreon, Mexico. Full production in Mexico followed in 2004. Jerry Bowman serves as Magnum's Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Having facilities in the United States and in Mexico has given Magnum dual sourcing capability providing greater opportunities for current and future customer needs. Our goal is to provide cost effective products all over the world, with dedication on providing products that exceed customer expectations.

Magnum Timeline:
1994 - Founded in Rochester, Minnesota
1997 - "Entrepreneur" Magazine rates Magnum as the 10th fastest growing
           small businesses in the United States
1998 - Magnum North opens in Deerwood, Minnesota.
2000 - Magnum reaches the 100 employee mark.
2001 - 3rd Phase of the Deerwood Facility is completed. The Rochester Facility is absorbed by Magnum North.
2003 - The first employee is hired in preparation for Maquinaria Magnum to begin in Torreon, Mexico.
2004 - Maquinaria Magnum in full production.
2004 - The annual sales goal of $3.9 million for the first year of operations was achieved in Torreon Mexico.
2005 - Maquinaria Magnum achieves "Partner" level status in John Deere's Achieving Excellence program and also nominated for
          "Supplier of the Year." Magnum Deerwood achieves "Key" level status.
2006 - Magnum Machining Deerwood & Maquinaria Magnum Torreon achieve "Partner" level status in John Deere's Achieving Excellence
          program. Maquinaria Magnum begins Import/Export Functions.
2008 - Magnum Machining Deerwood adds 800mm Machining capability - Magnum Machining Deerwood becomes ISO 9001-2000 Certified
2009 - Maquinaria Magnum adds 800mm Machining Capability - Maquinaria Magnum becomes ISO 9001-2008 Certified
          Magnum Machining adds live tooling lathes with bar feed capabilities.
2011 - Magnum Machining Warehouse opens up in Ironton, MN. Magnum Machining adds balancing capability.
2012 - Magnum Machining Deerwood remodel is completed - Magnum Machining Deerwood adds 12 new Mazak machines.
2013 - Torreon Remodel completed in August, adding 50,00 square feet.
2014- Maquinaria Magnum’s annual sales ($15.9 million) surpass Magnum Deerwood’s ($13.2 million) for the first time since foundation
2015- Magnum Corporation brings on two (2) new large customers for continued growth
Square Footage
Torreon - 115,000
Deerwood - 55,000
Ironton - 30,000

2015 Annual Sales
Torreon – $12.5 million
Deerwood - $12 million

2016 Projected Sales
Torreon - $ 13.5 million
Deerwood - $12 million

Business Statistics
Consider the following statistics about our business growth:

The management of Magnum Machining has over 200 years of combined machining experience. Magnum Machining is dedicated to their customers and committed to becoming one of America's greatest companies.


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