Quality System

Magnum’s customers expect the quality in their products to be at a World Class level and that is what Mangum provides. Constant monitoring of our internal systems and methods, along with proactive continuous improvement in our quality and production process allows Magnum to retain certified and preferred status with our customers.

Our Quality Statement

“We are dedicated to high quality products that exceed our customer’s expectations. Every member of the Magnum Machining Team is accountable for both process quality and product quality. We are committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of our business, products, and services. Our progress is bench marked through the use of statistical measurement tools.”

Knowing that the products Magnum manufacture meet specifications and remain consistent provides our customers peace of mind. Magnum’s ISO 9001:2015 Quality System, processes, procedures and controls listed below assures our customer this peace of mind.


Processes, Procedures and Controls:

  • ISO 9001:2015 CertifiedQualitySystemReplacement
  • Documented Manufacturing Process
  • Documented Inspection Procedures
  • Inspection Reports Supplied
  • Statistical Process Controls
  • Lot Control and Traceability
  • Records Retention
  • First Article Reports
  • PPAP Capability
  • Calibration System


Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM):

  • Brown & Sharp Global DCC CMM 09-12-08
  • Brown & Sharp Global DCC CMM 09-20-08
  • Brown & Sharpe DCC CMM Xcel 9159cmm
  • Brown & Sharpe Global DCC CMM 09.20.08 (2)
  • Brown & Sharpe Global Image 09.15.08
  • Brown & Sharpe Global Performance 12.15.10 with Scanning Capabilities

Visiting Magnum’s quality lab not only will you see the CMMs above, but you will also see a large selection of gauging equipment. All of our gauges are certified and traceable to NIST.

From thread plugs to customized specialty gauges, Magnum possesses the gauges necessary to ensure World Class Quality to our customers.